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We actively seek out and invest in builders who believe that web3 is the future of the internet

Global nodes representing crypto network that ODA capital invests in
“ODA Capital has been a great partner in our company-building journey. They were early believers in our vision, supported us with their network, and continues to be a trusted ally. We’re honored and excited to be working closely with the ODA team.”

Joe, Hypelab, Co-Founder

Logo of Hypelab, an ODA Capital portfolio company


We are a team of entrepreneurs and builders with deep conviction that blockchain will soon encompass a part of our everyday lives, and alter the way we interact with one another

Whether it is in infrastructure, DeFi or Metaverse, we invest in and provide operational support to companies developing cutting edge technologies aimed at solving the current deficiencies in the digital asset space

Interconnected nodes background image


Since 2018, we have operated bitcoin mining farms in Central Asia. In 2020, we expanded our mining operation to include a US footprint. Globally, we produce 2EH across 3 independent farms. We have also ran over 100 ETH2 validators since the start of the ETH2 phase 1 update. Beyond Bitcoin and Ether, we have also mined storage-based tokens (FIL, XCH) since 2021

Logo representing ODA Capital's crypto mining network
Nodes in a brain shape logo representing ODA Capital's Miner Extractable Value operations


We have been actively exploring MEV strategies and have been running arbitrage bots on Ethereum since early 2022. MEV is an emergent property of blockchains due to the distributed consensus protocol, and has become a key tool for DeFi protocols to outsource essential jobs to decentralized bots. We believe MEV is here to stay, and we are positioning ourselves to capture the upside


Profile picture of Gene Yan, ODA Capital's general partner

General Partner

Gene Yan Ooi

Gene started ODA in 2020 to manage our LPs’ growing DeFi activities. Before, he was a quant at systematic trading fund Novalux. Prior to that, Gene co-founded an ICO in 2017 that worked on solving the KYC and identity problem in digital assets. He has a B.Sc. in Quantitative Finance from NUS.

Profile picture of Ryan, ODA Capital's quantitative researcher



Ryan joined ODA in 2021 as a quant to develop quantitative trading strategies. His current interest lies in MEV. Previously, he was a quant at systematic trading firm Novalux, and prior to that, a risk analyst at GIC. He graduated with B.Sc. (First Class Honours) from NUS, with a Major in Quantitative Finance and a Minor in Computer Science.

Profile picture of Abel Tiong, ODA Capital's principal


Abel Tiong

Abel joined ODA in 2022 to focus on the firm’s venture investments. Prior to his role ODA Capital, he was an operator who built a now acquired B2B2C lending web2 startup, before becoming an investor in the Crypto, Fintech, and Supply Chain space as an angel and VC. He has a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Occidental College.

Profile picture of Jing Yi who is an analyst at ODA Capital

Senior Analyst

Jing Yi

Jing Yi joined ODA in 2023 to focus on the firm’s research and investments. She started her web3 career as a research analyst with a focus on Layer 1s and their ecosystems, before becoming a product manager in web3 projects. She graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, Honours.


Logo of Sei Network, a ODA Capital portfolio company

Sei Network

The fastest blockchain in the industry, unlocked by Twin-Turbo Consensus. All with low transaction costs and industry-leading throughput

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 9.48.06 AM.png


The next generation Crypto gaming experience

Logo of Intuition, a ODA Capital portfolio company


Building attestation infrastructure to enable individuals to create, explore, curate and own a verifiable knowledge ecosystem

Logo of Alkimiya, a ODA Capital portfolio company


Building a decentralized futures market for blockspace where miners and validators can hedge transaction cost by selling hashrate to purchasers

Logo of Qredo, a ODA Capital portfolio company


An institutional-grade clearing and settlement network for digital assets derived from Layer-2 blockchain integration with multi-party computation (MPC)

Logo of Play It Forward, a ODA Capital portfolio company

Play It Forward (PIF)

On a mission to revolutionize crypto gaming by making the metaverse accessible, providing endless opportunities to any player, one gamer at a time

Logo of D.G. Pals, a ODA Capital portfolio company

D.G. Pals

An interoperable multi-chain, multi-genre NFT game project that focuses on Squad-Battler, Siege Defence, Clan System and more

Logo of Staging Labs, a ODA Capital portfolio company

Staging Labs

An infrastructure security layer that protects from scams and hacks



A modular EVM-equivalent Layer-1 built on the Cosmos SDK and powered by Proof of Liquidity



Developing Berachain's native concentrated liquidity hub with automated liquidity management and sustainable incentives

Logo of Airstack, a ODA Capital portfolio company


Web3 data APIs, for builders. Instantly integrate on-chain and related off-chain data into any application

Logo of Hypelab, a ODA Capital portfolio company


Web3 ads-network utilising on-chain data for personalized ads

Logo of Animoca Brands, a ODA Capital portfolio company

Animoca Brands

Building the open metaverse by driving digital property rights to gamers and internet users, achieved through play-to-earn economies powered by NFTs and games

Logo of Good Games Exchange (GGX), a ODA Capital portfolio company


Building a gaming platform that provides end-to-end chain-agnostic infrastructure solutions for game developers to enable Play & Earn mechanics in any game

Logo of Afar by Lava, a ODA Capital portfolio company

Afar by Lava

A F2P game that combines game elements from Fall Guys, Fortnite and PokemonGo

Logo of T.E.A.M DAO, a ODA Capital portfolio company


A revolutionary eSports and web3 gaming platform that allows gaming fans and players to engage and participate in the new web3 economy


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